Raw Data Table


The raw data table can be used for an overview of your original data set or a look into parts of it. 

Raw Data Table Advanced Configuration Screen


Every widget comes with a different set of options. All available options are described in the following passage.

Data Options

The raw data table technically includes all data from your importers. In the paragraphs below, you'll find how to use it to display what you need to see.

Raw Table Data Options Overview


From top to bottom, the left side of a widget always starts with the value.

Unlike the other charts, the raw data table's values are defined by using filters. To find out how to use them, head over to the Filters section.

In addition to the configuration of the data filter, you have to select a date field. Initially, it will be set to "Primary Date".

Multi Value Burn Down Chart Configuration


Technically, you can add as many columns to your raw data table as you'd like. These are the categories of your data set.

Raw Data Table Column Configuration

Raw Data Table

Display Options

Display options are used to modify the appearance of a widget. The following options are available:

You can sort the columns by your category of choice in an ascending or descending order. A drop-down menu shows you the available options. 

Raw Data Chart Display Options