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All about Exply and its features

Exply is a self-service Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics solution that provides you with interactive dashboards, reports and data visualisation to make intelligent, informed decisions.

Our goal:

Unlocking the value in your data should be simple

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Find what's the latest with Exply and explore the new features and improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer here for the frequently asked questions on Exply.

Getting started

Everything you need to know to start adding value to your data!

1. Setup Exply

Getting Exply up and running depends on your System. Choose your system below:

Exply for Jira CloudExply for Jira Server
Exply On-Premise - Docker (all Platforms)
Exply On-Premise - Debian
Exply On-Premise - Debian-based Linux
Exply On-Premise - FreeBSD

2. Import Data

After you finished the initial setup, you will need to import data into Exply. Here is how:

Exply for Jira Cloud Data Import
Exply for Jira Server Data Import
Exply On-Premise Data Import

3. Visualize Data

After you finished the data import setup, it is time to create your first visualisations:

3.1. Create a Dashboard 

A collection of visualisations is called Dashboards (aka reports). You can have 

3.2. Create Analytics 

Every data visualisation in Exply is called Widget. You can have unlimited Widgets in every Dashboard. Widgets can't exist without a Dashboard.

4. Ask Us

Every software can be overwhelming at first sight. This is especially true for BI tools. Therefore, if you have any questions, got stuck or need tips on how to achieve certain analytics don't hesitate to ask us. We are always here to help :)