Installing Exply on FreeBSD

Unfortunately we have no package for FreeBSD — yet.

Therefore please follow our step-by-step guide:

  1. Install Java 8 (JRE)
  2. Create a new User for Exply
  3. Download latest Exply Tar-Archive
  4. Extract Exply Files
  5. Create an Exply Service
  6. Continue with first Exply configuration

Install Java 8 (JRE)

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is shipped with Java 10. Currently Exply only supports Java 8. Therefore you need to install Java 8 in parallel and set the Java default to 8.

For more information please refer to

# only if your Java version is not 8 or 11
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless
sudo update-alternatives --config java

Create a new System User for Exply

sudo su
pw groupadd exply
pw useradd exply -d /nonexistent -s /usr/sbin/nologin -g exply -w no -c "system user for Exply daemon"
pw usershow exply

Extract Exply Files

sudo su
cd /var
tar -xzf exply.tgz
chown -R exply:exply exply/

Create an Exply Service

Search for the Java8 Home. It is probably at /usr/local/openjdk8 (if not adjust template for /etc/rc.d/exply below)

append exply_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf

create /etc/rc.d/exply with the following content (below)


# add the following line to /etc/rc.conf to enable exply:
# exply_enable="YES"

. /etc/rc.subr

desc="Exply server daemon, see /var/exply/app"

command_start_exply="cd /var/exply/app && JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/openjdk8 EXPLY_DATA_DIR=/var/exply/Data bin/server"
command_args="-P /var/run/${name}.pid -f -t exply-server-daemon -u exply bash -c '${command_start_exply}'"


load_rc_config $name
run_rc_command "$1"

Start Exply Service

service exply start