Sharing, Collaboration, Publishing & Export

Sharing, Collaboration, Publishing & Export

Can I share my data, reports and dashboards with other users?

Exply provides a powerful user management, enabling you to create highly individual user and group profiles with several levels of data views like:

  • Assigned Groups
  • Create & Manage Dashboards
  • Viewable Dashboards
  • Manage Importers
  • Viewable & usable Data Types
  • Viewable & usable Data Document Types

F.e. you can easily give your customers and teams project insights in real time by creating dedicated project dashboards.

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Can I allow others to create dashboards & reports in my database?


By using the integrated User Management you easily define who's able to create new dashboards and the data access rights.

Can I export my dashboards created in Exply? If yes, what are the supported formats?

Of course! Every dashboard can be easily exported by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner. All data is actually exported as Excel files.

The export provides the following types:

  • Small Export - containing the pure data selected in your dashboard and fully functional pivot tables
  • Raw Data Export - containing all raw data, that led to the dashboard