Can't change Data Import Settings


  • Unable to type anything in the Time Range in days Field
  • Cannot select anything in Import Schedule - it remains blank as per the screenshot below
  • Clicking on Start import the error below is shown


In very rare cases it can happen that Exply is not able to add its new necessary groups to the Jira instance it is installed to. This can have several reasons, e.g. different user management (Crowd, LDAP, etc.), process restrictions, etc.

Exply can be accessed and the data import will start, but due to missing permission of the user within Exply, changes can't be made.


Please check if the groups exply-administratorsexply-analysts und exply-user exist within your Jira groups

If so, the user that wants to make changes to the Exply for Jira Data Configuration will need to be part of the exply-administrators group.

If those groups do not exist, please add them to your Jira groups (with the exact same naming) and also add yourself to the exply-administrators group.

In case the provided solution did not help solving the issues, please don't hesitate contacting us: