Server vs. Cloud: Product Comparison

Exply was always built to be as identical as possible across all platforms. Years ago, as we entered the Atlassian Marketplace, we needed to adjust Exply here and there to make it work in this specific environment.

With Exply for Jira Cloud we're again releasing the full potential of Exply.

To help you better understand the differences between our server and cloud products, we've created the following reviews to show where functionality differs.

FunctionalityExply Jira ServerExply Jira Cloud
Data Sources  
Jira Products
Tempo Products
SQL Databases
CSV Files
XLS Files🛠
Google BigQuery🛠
Google Sheets🛠
CSV-based Data Source Extensions
Custom Analytics
Export Functions
Sharing Options🛠
Chart Types  
Bar Chart
Pivot Table
Row Chart
Time Series Charts
Raw Data Table
Pie Chart
Sunburst Pie Chart
Scatter/Bubble Chart
Map Chart
Gantt Chart
Gauge Chart🛠🛠
Correlation Matrix
Treemap Chart
Quota Tile
Metric Tile (Counter)
Burndown Chart
Image Widget
Text Widget
Analysis Options  
Trend Lines
Reference Lines
Conditional Highlighting
AI-powered Predictions🛠
Filter Options  
Quick Filter Widget
Interactive Filters
Advanced Filters
Simple UI Calculations
Complex SQL Calculations🛠